Gopal Dress

Laddu gopal ghagra in an adorable little darling of people of all religions in all over the world. Keep this cute little krishna in your home or office to attract love, happiness and prosperity. Kanha ji will look more adorable in this cute Laddu Gopal Dress.

Janmashtami is the festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna. On the day of this festival, it is an age old custom to dress up little boys in Krishna costumes. Laddu gopal ghagra  is a colorful character with some very typical signs.
Craft Gallery brings this very divine, full of nature, beautiful krishna dress. When you serve you Kanha ji, Laddu Gopal with this beautiful Krishna dress, you will feel, you are also a peacock and dancing with Lord Kanha in Rasleela.
With this beautiful Laddu gopal dress you can make your Lord Krishna more cute and beautiful. This colour variation will also make lord krishna dress more beautiful.
We focus on tradition and want to keep our tradition alive so we recommend you to make lord krishna more beautiful and run our tradition

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